About Us

The founder of Maison Detta, Dalanda Detta Soumare, finished her studies in Montreal and decided to return to Senegal to contribute to the development of her continent by leveraging her experience abroad. His deepest desire is to be part of those who will highlight the African continent through its talent and its beauty, but also through all the social values ​​that constitute it.

Aware of the multiple impacts of the socio-economic contexts of today's world on human beings, the brand positions itself today as a Lifestyle brand with the objective of playing a role in the emotional well-being of its consumers by promoting a style of life which favors pleasure, health, social or economic success, self-realization, harmony with oneself and with others.

All models are designed in Dakar, but Maison Detta draws inspiration from all the cultures around it for its brand identity.

Detta is a nickname of Burundian origin shortened from the first name Bernadette, it represents the fighting woman who smiles at life whatever its trials, in homage to Bernadette NSABIMANA, grandmother of Dalanda Detta Soumare, creator of Maison Detta .